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Welcome to the VTube Studio Manual!!

VTube Studio is an app available for iPhone/iPad, Android, macOS and Windows. The app uses your smartphone or webcam to track your face and animate a Live2D Cubism Model accordingly. 3D models are not supported. The model is shown directly on your phone or on your PC by streaming the face-tracking data over your local network from your phone to your PC/Mac.

Wanna see some examples? Just search "VTube Studio" on Twitter.

This online manual contains information about all features of VTube Studio, as well as a few tutorials. Please scroll down and choose a topic from the main menu.

マニュアルの日本語訳 / This manual is also available in Japanese, translated by 雨瀬 おるこ (@Amase_Oruko):

This manual is also available in Chinese:
本手册有由 @Elegetic 与 @genthz 翻译的 中文版本 以及由 @Mouwoo 翻译的 中文版本 (最新版)

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