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  • php 8.1+
  • Symfony 6
  • modules
  • composer
  • run './bin/phpunit' for unit tests (composer dump-env test)
$ composer check-platform-reqs
Checking platform requirements for packages in the vendor dir
composer-plugin-api  2.3.0     success                                       
composer-runtime-api 2.2.2     success                                       
ext-ctype            8.1.12    success                                       
ext-dom              20031129  success                                       
ext-filter           8.1.12    success                                       
ext-iconv            8.1.12    success                                       
ext-json             8.1.12    success                                       
ext-libxml           8.1.12    success                                       
ext-mbstring         *         success provided by symfony/polyfill-mbstring 
ext-phar             8.1.12    success                                       
ext-tokenizer        8.1.12    success                                       
ext-xml              8.1.12    success                                       
ext-xmlwriter        8.1.12    success                                       
ext-yaml             2.2.2     success                                       
php                  8.1.12    success


  • Clone repo
  • composer install
  • cd public
  • php -S



Cache clear:

$ curl -X GET -H 'auth-key: something-really-secure-lol'



List all breed names including sub breeds.


Get random breed including any sub breeds.


Get 10 random breeds including any sub breeds.


List all master breed names.


Get single random master breed.


Get 10 random master breeds.


List sub breeds.


List random sub breed.


List 10 random sub breeds.


Get master breed info (data is incomplete, see content folder).


Get sub breed info (data is incomplete, see content folder).


Random image from any breed.


Get 3 random images from any breed (max. 50)


Get all breed images.


Get random image from a breed (and all its sub-breeds).


Get 4 random images from a breed (and all its sub-breeds).


Get all images from a sub breed.


Get random image from a sub breed.


Get 5 random images from a sub breed.

Beta/Unfinished Endpoints

These endpoints might change in the future...

Alt tags (beta)

XML Responses (beta, unfinished)

Add 'Content-Type' request header containing 'application/xml' to any endpoint.