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@Emd4600 Emd4600 released this Jul 24, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release


A new modding tool has been released: Spore ModAPI. In order to make the most of it, a new SporeModder update has been released too. This update, it's all about MATERIALS! The ModAPI allows mod developers to create custom materials (i.e. shaders) and replace Spore ones.

This SporeModder update includes:

  1. Syntax highlighting for .mtl (ModAPI materials) and .hlsl files:
    Syntax Highlighting

  2. A Material Viewer that allows you to explore Spore materials.

  3. A Uncompiled Shaders unpacker that allows you to extract Spore uncompiled shaders (which are separated in multiple fragments).

  4. A Compiled Shaders Viewer that allows you to view the different compiled shaders in Spore and disassemble them (you need the Microsoft DirectX SDK for that).


This is the first release of SporeModder, the new Spore modding tool. This is still in a beta stage, so there might be unknown bugs and errors.

If you have any bug report or suggestion, put it here or contact me at

An important thing to note is that this doesn't necessarily replace SporeMaster. In fact, we recommend to use Sporemaster for searching files and investigating, since SporeModder is slower at searching.

To open SporeModder just execute "SporeModder Launcher.exe". This will check for new updates and download them as they are released.
Warning: Your firewall might complain about SporeModder trying to connect to internet. There's no danger, it's the autoupdate system (it just connects to GitHub).

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