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Fate/Grand Automata


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Auto-battle app for F/GO (Android 7 or later, no need for root on phones).

Download from our website

This is a Kotlin port of FGO-Lua as an Android app with UI for configuration and without a time-limit on use.
It doesn't tamper with the game in anyway and works by looking at the screen and tapping things just like a normal user would do.
It's not made to do the story for you, but to automate the mundane farming.

Having Trouble? See the Troubleshooting Guide first.

Video Guide by @reconman

Watch the video guide

How to Use?

  1. Install from the link given above and launch the app.
  2. Click on Start Service and give all the permissions it asks for.
  3. Open FGO. Now, you can see a button with play icon on it floating on screen.
  4. Go to the node you want to farm.
  5. Press Play to start. The same button can be pressed to pause/stop later.

Check the Troubleshooting Guide first if you face any problems.

How to make/use images of Servant/CE/Friend?

See the wiki page for Support Image Maker.

What about other scripts like Lottery and Friend Gacha?

When you click on the PLAY button, the app detects which script can be run on the current screen and presents it to you.

How does it work?

This is a native Android app written in Kotlin. We use OpenCV for image recognition, Media Projection for taking screenshots and Accessibility Service for clicking/swiping.


If you want to contribute, read the Contribution Guide.


Like the project? Want to support us?

Buy Me a Coffee at

Code/doc contributions are surely welcome!

Translations should be edited via