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Status: Experimental

This repository is maintained by Googlers but is not a supported Firebase product. Issues here are answered by maintainers and other community members on GitHub on a best-effort basis.

WARNING: Master branch is the work in progress for version 3 of Emberfire. You can find version 2 here, if you're looking for documentation or to contribute to stable. Learn more about the rewrite effort here.

Why EmberFire?

  • Developed by experts - Developed and maintained by the Firebase team
  • Ember Data Adapters - Cloud Firestore and Realtime Database adapters for Ember Data allow you to persist your models in Firebase
  • Ember Services - firebase and firebase-app services allow direct access to the underlying Firebase SDK instance
  • Realtime Bindings - Listen for realtime updates to your Firebase backed Ember Data models using the provided realtime-listener service or the RealtimeRouteMixin
  • Authentication Providers - Integrate Firebase Authentication with your Ember application easily with providers for Ember Simple Auth and Torii
  • Analytics Collection - The AnalyticsRouteMixin adds Google Analytics screen tracking to your Ember Router.
  • Offline Enabled - Persist Ember Data models offline automatically with FirestoreAdapter
  • Fastboot Compatible - Perform initial rendering and fetching of your models server-side to increase application performance


$ ember install emberfire@next

Example use

// app/adapters/application.js
import FirestoreAdapter from 'emberfire/adapters/firestore';

export default FirestoreAdapter.extend({
    enablePersistence: true,
    persistenceSettings: { synchronizeTabs: true }
// app/models/article.js
import DS from 'ember-data';
const { attr, belongsTo, hasMany } = DS;

export default DS.Model.extend({
    title: attr('string'),
    body: attr('string'),
    publishedAt: attr('date'),
    author: belongsTo('user'),
    comments: hasMany('comments', { subcollection: true }),
// app/routes/articles.js
import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import RealtimeRouteMixin from 'emberfire/mixins/realtime-route';
import PerformanceRouteMixin from 'emberfire/mixins/performance-route';

export default Route.extend(RealtimeRouteMixin, PerformanceRouteMixin, {
    model() {
        return'article', { orderBy: 'publishedAt' });
// app/routes/application.js
import AnalyticsRouteMixin from 'emberfire/mixins/analytics-route';
import Route from '@ember/routing/route';

export default Route.extend(AnalyticsRouteMixin);



Please consult this table when selecting your version of EmberFire and Firebase SDK:

Ember Data EmberFire Firebase SDK
3.0+ 3.x 5.x
2.3+ 2.x 3.x
2.0 - 2.2 1.6.x 2.x
1.13 1.5.x 2.x

Migration Guides


If you'd like to contribute to EmberFire, please first read through our contribution guidelines. Local setup instructions are available here.