Four51 Actions

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Methods are designed to ease the complexity of variable document manipulation by identifying common programming tasks and creating easy to understand functions. Included in each methods definition are the parameter signatures. Parameters surrounded with [] are considered optional. If not marked optional you should consider required. Every parameter must be one of two types: constant, variable. The constant parameter type is always a string (typed value, e.g. "$"). If the parameter is a variable type you must change the type in the parameters list to variable and choose from the list of variables in your project. If the parameter is labeled multiple you may use either type for configuration.

Error handling is controlled through the Four51 Document Actions class library. The particular error message will always be displayed; however you have the option of adding your own custom error message for each method. When you choose to include this message it will be displayed along with the actual error message. These error messages are provided to help you debug your projects.

Existing Four51 Document Actions:

  1. Add
  2. Bold
  3. Break
  4. CharacterCount
  5. CharReplacement
  6. Code39
  7. Code39FullASCII
  8. Compare
  9. DefineBackgroundColor
  10. DefineBorder
  11. DefinedColor
  12. DefineParagraphStyle
  13. Divide
  14. EAN13
  15. Equal
  16. FormatDate
  17. FormatNumber
  18. FormatSpecValueFromToolbar
  19. FormatString
  20. GetPositionIndex
  21. GreaterThan
  22. If
  23. InsertImage
  24. InsertText
  25. Italic
  26. LastPositionIndex
  27. LessThan
  28. LowerCase
  29. Multiply
  30. MultiAdd
  31. MultiDivide
  32. MultiMultiply
  33. MultiSubtract
  34. MultiLineAppend
  35. PadEnd
  36. PadStart
  37. PadStartTrim
  38. ParseArray
  39. PostNet
  40. Prefix
  41. ReplaceText
  42. ResizePage
  43. ResizePageByPercentage
  44. ResizePageHeight
  45. ResizePageWidth
  46. ScaleImageToFill
  47. Select
  48. SelectCaseMatches
  49. SelectImage
  50. SharedAreaTemplate
  51. SharedImage
  52. SharedResource
  53. SharedTemplate
  54. SharedText
  55. Subscript
  56. SubString
  57. Subtract
  58. Suffix
  59. Superscript
  60. TitleCase
  61. Trim
  62. TrimEnd
  63. TrimStart
  64. Underline
  65. UPCVersionA
  66. UpperCase
  67. Variable

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