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Four51 Document Actions are a collection of Pageflex Document Action scripts made available to members who have completed Certified Designer Course (Formerly Level III Pageflex Training). The defined actions are provided to help you modify documents more easily. Pageflex defines document actions as:

Document actions are scripts you write to modify a document directly, using the Pageflex Document Action API. Document actions are executed by Pageflex Server in the context of a particular job or session, or by Pageflex Studio when previewing a job. You can define a series of document actions to be performed every time a particular job is executed or previewed.

Four51 has identified many common methods of document and data manipulation and published these in the Four51 Actions assembly. You are free to leverage the power of these actions in any of your projects. The development of additional methods will be a continuing process.


  1. Save the Four51DocumentActions file to the project's Document Actions folder.
  2. Open or create your project file and then open or create any job options properties window.
  3. Click the Document Options link in the left-hand navigation.
  4. Click the Custom Actions radio button. The table of available actions will become enabled.
  5. Click the Add button to see the dropdown list of available Action Library files. Select the Four51Actions.dll option.
  6. Click the dropdown list in the Class column and select the only option available, Four51.Actions.
  7. Choose desired method in the Method column dropdown.
  8. Click the Arguments column to display the "…" button. Click the "…" button to open the arguments window. Fill in the arguments using the guidelines documented for each method.
  9. Move your custom actions to the top of the list to ensure they are run before the variables are evaluated. If they are not at the top you will not see the results of the actions.

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