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There are two ways to integrate with the P2PWN network.

The only requirements to have postings persist on the site are:

  • A link that will be attached to the listing.
  • A health check endpoint. If the server can't reach this endpoint it will be removed.


This is probably the simplest way to get started.

Base endpoint: https://p2pwn-production.herokuapp.com/api

Method Endpoint parameter required? description
POST /connect body required The payload that describes your connection request
body.entry_url required The link that people will go to
body.healthcheck_url Defaults to the entry_url. If the server cannot reach this endpoint, it will be unlisted.
body.display_name What you want the name to be displayed as. Defaults to Lobby #.


  "id": string,
  "access_token": string,
  "entry_url": string,
  "display_name": string

Make sure you keep your access_token to be able to un-list yourself!

POST /host/:id/disconnect

parameter required? description
headers You must provide an authorization header to manually remove yourself from the list.
headers.Authorization required Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN_GOES_HERE
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