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Heltec ESP32 Series Arduino Develop Environment

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This environment is fully cloned from espressif® ESP32 projects, on that basis, we fixed "variants" folder and "boards.txt", for convenience of "Arduino + ESP" beginners and Heltec ESP32 series Dev boards users.

This development environment only includes the basic framework of ESP32, ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3, ESP32-C3 MCU chips. NOT include the drivers or example code for on-board devices such as LoRa, OLED, Sensor, etc.

Here are the libraries for on-board or external devices:

Heltec ESP32 Library Includes the following features:

  • Device drivers on the Heltec ESP32 series development board, such as OLED displays, GPS and LoRa chips;
  • LoRaWAN library compatible with ESP32 Arduino environment;
  • Some external sensor examples;
  • Some examples of practical functions.

E-Ink Library includes the drivers and examples for multi size E-Ink displays.



The following table lists products based on ESP32 :

MCU Relative boards
ESP32-S3 WIFI Kit 32 (V3)
WIFI LoRa 32 (V3)
Wireless Stick (V3)
Wireless Stick Lite (V3)
Wireless Paper
Wireless Tracker
Wireless Shell (V3)
Multi-Size E-Ink driver (HT-DE01)
ESP32-C3 ESP32 C3 Dev-Board
CT62 LoRa Module
ESP32-PICO Wireless Shell (V3)
Wireless Stick Lite -- Not recommended for new designs
ESP32 D0 WIFI LoRa 32 (V2) -- Not recommended for new designs
Wireless Stick -- Not recommended for new designs

Installation Instructions

Decoding exceptions

You can use EspExceptionDecoder to get meaningful call trace.

Issue/Bug report template

Before reporting an issue, make sure you've searched for similar one that was already created. Also make sure to go through all the issues labelled as for reference.

Also you can talk in our forum: 

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本项目完全是从乐鑫提供的 ESP32 项目上克隆下来的,在此基础上,我们修改了“variants”文件夹和“boards.txt”里面的内容(增加开发板的定义和信息),这样可以方便用户(尤其是初学者)使用我司生产的 ESP32 系列开发板。







MCU Relative boards
ESP32s3 WIFI Kit 32(v3), WIFI LoRa 32(v3), Wireless Stick(v3), Wireless Stick Lite(v3), Wireless Paper, Wireless Tracker, Wireless Shell(v3),HT-DE01
ESP32c3 Esp32 c3 Dev-Board, Ct62
ESP32-PICO Wireless Shell(v3), Wireless Stick Lite
ESP32 D0 WIFI LoRa 32 (V2), Wireless Stick


首先,确保你的电脑上已经安装了最新的Arduino IDE。如果没有安装,请参考这篇文档:



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