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enable pdftex extensions with \usepackage{microtype} #584

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Shark64 commented Dec 13, 2013

I've tried to enable microtype and seems to work well (fewer overfull hboxes).
The only problem was hyphenation of 2 section titles, but disabling tracking on those 2 pages seems to fix it.


This is a good idea, but not being very familiar with microtype myself, I'm a little uncomfortable merging it without paging through the entire document to make sure it looks better, and I don't have time to do that myself right now.

Shark64 commented Dec 13, 2013

Well, to be fair, i didn't look carefully to the entire book either. In my experience microtype usually works well, it's disabled by default only to make PdfTeX's output 100% equivalent with that of TeX, but the changes are quite subtles so i agree, it's not an high priority bug.


I suppose we could just rely on the magic of github to hope that our readers eventually report any other formatting problems that this introduces. Anyone else have an opinion?

Homotopy Type Theory member

This is a good idea, but I think we do need to page through the entire books (all of them) to catch possible problems. I kindly ask volunteers to try out this pull request and report on how well it works. It's best to take one version of the book and compare the old vs. new. I am mostly worried about the ustrade size because that one gets printed.

Shark64 added some commits Dec 17, 2013
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enable pdftex extensions with \usepackage{microtype}
@mikeshulman mikeshulman referenced this pull request Dec 31, 2013

Quotation style #588

Shark64 added some commits Jan 2, 2014
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