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Umbrel Community App Store Template

This repository is a template to create an Umbrel Community App Store. These additional app stores allow developers to distribute applications without submitting to the Official Umbrel App Store.

Just click the "Use this template" button above and start adding your own apps!

Technical Details

The umbrel-app-store.yml file defines two important properties:

  • id - This is used as a prefix for all apps within the community app store. You MUST prefix your application id with your app store ID. For example, this template defines sparkles as a community app store ID and we have a hello world app. The app ID therefore should be: sparkles-hello-world
  • name - This name appears within the Umbrel user interface when users explore apps within these community app stores.


To test your community app store, you can add this repository through the Umbrel user interface as shown in the following demo:


Alternatively, you can use the Umbrel CLI as described below.

To add an app store:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/repo add

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/repo update

To install an app from the app store

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install sparkles-hello-world

To remove an app store:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/repo remove


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