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React Navigation website

Want to help improve the documentation? That would be so very much appreciated. Some information on that below.

Philosophy of documentation

  • Document the ugly parts as much as the good parts. It's better for users to know that we don't have a good solution to the problem they have and get the preferred workarounds from us than have to scour the dark and moist corners of StackOverflow.
  • Provide runnable examples where possible. Learning through interacting with the code is a reason why REPLs are so popular. Thanks to Snack we can provide the same kind of experience for React Navigation users too.
  • Be honest about the tradeoffs and limitations. We explain the pitch and anti-pitch of React Navigation and provide alternative libraries if React Navigation might not be a good fit. We should provide a similar level of honesty at finer levels of granularity as well.

Things anyone can do

Run it locally

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run yarn
  3. yarn start

Make changes

  • The docs directory contains the markdown files used to generate the website. Change them and refresh the page when running the documentation locally and you will see the changes reflected.
  • If you want to add a new page, you need to add it to sidebars.json and then restart the server.

Things you need to be a collaborator to do

Deployment is done automatically via Github Actions. Normally you shouldn't need to do these.

Download the latest translations

  • Configure CROWDIN_DOCUSAURUS_PROJECT_ID and CROWDIN_DOCUSAURUS_API_KEY environment variables (ask @brentvatne if you need access).
  • Run yarn crowdin-upload and then yarn crowdin-download

Deploy it

Before deploying, be sure to download the latest translations!

Only collaborators on this repository can deploy. Run the following command from the source branch:

GIT_USER=<Your GitHub username> \
USE_SSH=true \
yarn deploy
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