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Shifting In Space (A game made in GameMaker Studio 2.)

This game is a puzzle platforming game that incorporates 2 controllable characters with different abilities. In the game you use the two characters to traverse through the levels and to solve puzzles. One of characters ability’s is to switch places with the other characters and to switch the flow of gravity. The other character is a larger character. He can break walls, pick up boxes, and throwing boxes onto switches.

All of this project was done in Gamemaker studio 2. In Gamemaker studio 2 you must code in Gamemaker Language. Also, because this is a game engine there are other parts to this project than coding. This project also included a lot of artwork and level design. Being a puzzle game means that we needed to spend time thinking about the layout of the levels and the way you teach the controls to the player. This work was done all within Gamemaker studio. The software has a really good sprite creator allowing us to make every image with the software.

The levels are created on a TileMap system. You assign what each different state of a square should look like and then you can just paint with the tilemap. It will automatically determine what piece goes where and reassign the look of the square to match that. That goes on throughout all the levels.

In all this game was created in 2 weeks for an assignment in a Game Design 1 class. It was presented in class and it received a 120/100.


A puzzle platformer made in GameMaker Studio 2.







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