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MeowMeow - A Toy File Encoder/Decoder
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MeowMeow - a file encoder/decoder

This project implements two commands in C, meow and unmeow, that will encode and decode a file in the MeowMeow encoding scheme. While not intended to be useful in and of itself, the program is an example of how to structure a small to medium sized C command-line program.


  • C compiler
  • GNU make


  1. Clone
   $ git clone
  1. Compile
   $ make
  1. Run
   $ ./meow < clear_text > meow_text
   $ ./unmeow < meow_text | diff clear_text

MeowMeow Encoding Scheme

The MeowMeow encoding scheme is direct rip-off of another encoding scheme, MooMoo Encode. In short, each byte in file is encoded into a string "meowmeow" where uppercase indicates a 1 and lowercase is a zero, in this case the string encodes a zero. Consider these three bytes:

   unsigned char zeros = 0x0;
   unsigned char ones = 0xff;
   unsigned char camel = 0xA5;
  • The value in zeros encodes to "meowmeow".
  • The value in ones encodes to "MEOWMEOW".
  • The value in camel encodes to "MeOwmEoW.
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