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Real Solar System Textures
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Real Solar System Texture pack (DDS Edition) for KSP 1.3.1+ (RSS-Kopernicus)

This is a texture pack for Real Solar System, which will convert the Kerbol System into the Solar System, rescaling, moving, and changing KSP's planets, moons, etc. to match our own.

Unzip the RSS-Textures folder in the GameData folder in the archive to your KSP GameData folder, so you'll have KSP/GameData/RSS-Textures (and inside that lots of dds files). You can then manually replace some of the textures with different-resolution textures from the repository if you so choose.

Supreme thanks to dimonnomid and SpacedInvader and grayduster and Dr. Walther and KellanHiggins and KillAshley for incredible art for RSS. RSS would not look or perform the way it does (or have gotten released!) without their amazing contributions.

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

Some planetary imagery is derived from work by Steve Albers and NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and some from the Celestia Motherlode (itself in the main sourced from JPL). Used by permission of the licenses for non-commercial release.

v13.1 for RSS 13.1
* Fix the orientation of Saturn's rings
* Fix normal maps for Vesta and Ceres
* Fix normal maps for RSS Expanded
* Re-scale Titania height map
* Convert some png textures to dds

v13.0 for RSS 13.0
* update all repositories to use Pap's Scaled RSS Textures which are made to take advantage new kopernicus versions
* allows unloaded textures to use "on demand" loading of non-Home bodies. Memory demand should be reduced significantly.
* See for previous work including :>
   * Updated Moon Biomes map for use with the modified biomes config
   * New, higher quality Mars Map
   * Fixed Oberon Biomes to match on edges
   * Updated the Earth Biome Map to remove the Chapparal biome
* Major changes to biomes on earth and moon, simplification and clean up of all other bodies.
* Bodies have updated textures with improved mipmaps and normals.

v10.4 for RSS 10.6
* Added new-Pluto and Charon biomes

v10.3 for RSS 10.6
* Higher fidelity normal, color maps for many bodies (hand-tweaked as necessary).
* Downsized heightmaps for bodies where existing maps caused "step" / pixelation issues.
* **NOTE**: Be careful of landed craft on other bodies, as heights may change!

v10.2 for RSS 10.2
* Includes updated Earth biome map from KellanHiggins.

v10.0 Initial version
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