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Media Management Tool

Or, what to do if your desk looks like this:


I've been using an assortment of scripts over the years to manage media from my different action cameras and drones, it's clear a centralized and unified solution is needed.

This tool draws inspiration from my dji-utils/ script as well as the popular gopro-linux tool and @deviantollam's dohpro

Right now the script supports these cameras:

  • GoPro:
    • HERO2 - HERO5
    • MAX
    • Fusion
    • HERO6 - HERO12
  • Insta360: X2, GO2, X3
  • DJI: Osmo Pocket 1/2, DJI Osmo Action 1/2/3, Mavics, Minis
  • Android: All, but with Pixel 6 (Google Camera) specific fixes

Feel free to PR!

I plan have the tool read a directory, use a config file and act accordingly to offload media from any type of drive


Refer to Issues


  • Import videos and photos from the most popular action cameras (GoPro, Insta360, DJI)
  • Fix nonsensical filenames and file structures:
    • GH011273.MP4 and GH021273.MP4 will become GH1273-01.MP4 and GH1273-02.MP4 respectively
    • VID_20221012_102725_10_586.insv and VID_20221012_102725_00_586.insv will become 102725/VID_20221012_102725_10_586.insv and 102725/VID_20221012_102725_00_586.insv therefore making organizing Insta360 footage easier
  • Group multi shots/related files together, such as GoPro bursts, timelapses and Insta360 timelapse photos
  • Update camera firmware
  • Merge GoPro chaptered videos together
  • Sort files into folders depending on:
    • Camera Name (eg: HERO9 Black, Mavic Air 2)
    • Location (eg: El Escorial, España)
  • Apply LUT profiles to photos


Download binary from the releaser Github Action


Different commands are supported, refer to the wiki

How to configure mmt

How it looks: