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Vangers CI Vangers CI Vangers CI Vangers CI Join the chat at

Video game that combines elements of the racing and role-playing genres.

All source code is published under the GPLv3 license.

The necessary resources for the game (maps, sounds, textures, etc.) you can take from the games purchased here:

Required libraries

You can see the wiki pages to learn how to build this project.


To host server you can use Docker image or build server manually.

To use docker image you need to pull vangers-server image and run it:

docker pull caiiiycuk/vangers-server:latest
docker run -v host-dir:container-dir -e SERVER=<server-name> -e CER_FILE=<path-to-cer-file> -e KEY_FILE=<path-to-key-file> caiiiycuk/vangers-server:latest

Vangers server requires cer/key files to host wss server. For example, if you want to host server on and your cer/key files are in /root/websockify/ file, then you run command will be:

docker run -d -v /root/websockify:/root/websockify -e -e CER_FILE=/root/websockify/ -e KEY_FILE=/root/websockify/ --network host caiiiycuk/vangers-server


  • -d: means start in detached mode
  • -v /root/websockify:/root/websockify: map host directory /root/websockify to container directory /root/websockify
  • -e should be name of domain you want to host server
  • -e CERT_FILE=/root/websockify/ full path to cer file
  • -e KEY_FILE=/root/websockify/ full path to key file
  • --network host: use host networking (required to bind on domain)