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Wine builds (Vanilla, Staging, Esync, PBA and Proton)
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Check releases page to download some of recent Wine builds.

All other builds (including stable and old versions) can be downloaded from:

How to use

Just unpack archive to any desired directory and run applications using path to Wine binary. For example:

/home/user/wine-4.4-amd64/bin/wine application.exe

Builds description


Some libraries (libfreetype6, libpng12-0, libopenal1, etc.) are required for these builds to work properly.

The easiest way to install required libraries is to install Wine from package repository of your distribution.

GLIBC version newer than 2.22 is required.

Compilation parameters

Build flags (amd64): -march=nocona -O2

Build flags (x86): -march=pentium4 -O2

Configure options: --without-curses --without-gstreamer --without-oss --disable-winemenubuilder --disable-win16 --disable-tests


  • amd64 - for 64-bit systems. It can run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • amd64-nomultilib - for 64-bit systems. It can run only pure 64-bit applications. It doesn't require 32-bit dependencies.
  • x86 - for 32-bit systems. It can run only 32-bit applications.


Vanilla builds compiled from official WineHQ sources without additional patches. It's a clean unmodified Wine.


Staging builds compiled with Staging patchset. Staging contains many patches that are not present in regular (vanilla) Wine, it adds new functions to Wine, fixes many bugs and sometimes improves performance.

ESYNC / PBA / Improved

Since 4.6 version ESYNC has been included in Staging.

ESYNC builds compiled with Staging and ESYNC patches, and some versions also compiled with PBA patches.

ESYNC improves performance in games by reducing CPU load. PBA improves performance in many Direct3D games.

Improved builds compiled with Staging and some additional patches listed below.

Patches that are present in ESYNC and Improved builds:

  • Use Clock Monotonic (use CLOCK_MONOTONIC; for better performance)
  • CSMT toggle fix (fix for CSMT toggle logic in winecfg)
  • Steam fix (hack for Steam Browser)
  • LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE (solve hitting address space limitations in 32-bit games)
  • FS_bypass_compositor (bypass compositor in fullscreen mode; for better performance)
  • Fullscreen_hack (change resoltuion for fullscreen games without changing desktop resolution)
  • enable_stg_shared_mem_def (enable STAGING_SHARED_MEMORY by default; for better performance)
  • nvidia-hate.patch (disable Nvidia stuff: nvapi, nvapi64, nvcuda, nvcuvid, nvencodeapi, nvencodeapi64)

LibXinerama (32-bit or 64-bit - depends on game architecture) is required for fullscreen games to work properly.

ESYNC can be enabled using WINEESYNC=1 environment variable, and it's also necessary to increase file descriptors limit (soft and hard). If file descriptors limit is not high enough then games will crash often.

PBA can be enabled using PBA_ENABLE=1 environment variable.

LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE can be enabled using WINE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE=1 environment variable.


Proton builds compiled from sources from Valve github repository. This Proton is virtually the same as Proton in Steam, but opposed to Steam's Proton these builds doesn't requires Steam Runtime.

Proton contains many useful patches, primarily for better gaming experience.


Wine (only Vanilla, Staging doesn't use FAudio yet) versions newer than 4.2 uses FAudio (XAudio reimplementation), so it's necessary to install to use these versions. If is not installed then many games will not work or there will be no sound.

Proton builds (3.16-5 and newer) uses FAudio as well.

If there is no FAudio in package repository of your distribution then you can manually compile it.

Links to sources and patches:

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