DMG2IMG allows you to convert a (compressed) Apple Disk Images (imported from Note: the master branch contains imported code, but lacks bugfixes/features from the develop branch. "develop" branch is recommended!
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Lekensteyn vfdecrypt: OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility
Allocate contexts from the heap on all OpenSSL versions, this is needed
since OpenSSL 1.1.0. No attempt is done at addressing issues like global
variables and fixing potential memleaks on error paths.

Compile-tested only with OpenSSL 1.1.0e (Arch Linux) and OpenSSL 1.0.2g
(Ubuntu 16.04), I have no test file.

Fixes #4
Latest commit f16f247 May 2, 2017


DMG2IMG is a tool which allows converting Apple compressed dmg 
archives to standard (hfsplus) image disk files.

This tool handles zlib and bzip2 compressed dmg images.

    dmg2img [-l] [-p N] [-s] [-v] [-V] [-d] <input.dmg> [<output.img>]
    dmg2img -i <input.dmg> -o <output.img>
It is derived from dmg2iso v0.2c by vu1tur <>


1. An equivalent command under Mac OS X would be:
hdiutil convert <input.dmg> -format UDTO -o <output.img>

2. Under linux, the image disk file can be mounted with the commands

modprobe hfsplus
mount -t hfsplus -o loop <output.img> /mnt

[normally, only 'root' might be able to do this]

3. Windows users should be able to open the image disk file with UltraISO.

Jean-Pierre Demailly <>


The default included Makefile is for Linux/gcc. The development files 
in zlib-dev and libbz2-dev are needed to compile dmg2img, and those
in openssl-dev are needed to compile vfdecrypt.


1.0     3 August 2007
        * Initial version 

1.1     4 August 2008
        * Fixed segfault bug occurring when decompressing certain dmg files
          beyond the actual end of the file (due to not correctly setting
          the size of the compressed parts ...)
        * Added slightly modified vfdecrypt utility from 
          Weinmann-Appelbaum-Fromme in order to decrypt encrypted dmg files.

1.2    17 September 2008
        * Fixed segfault bug due to buffer overflow (buffer sizes
          incorrectly set, resulting in insufficient memory allocation).
        * Fixed most compilation warnings - remaining ones are
          irrelevant with standard compilers.
1.3    19 September 2008
        * Further fixes which (hopefully) enable dmg2img to work on
          dmg archives of arbitrary size, while reducing RAM usage a lot.
        * A lot of thanks to Alfred E. Hegge and Randy Broman for testing
          and reporting bugs.

1.4     5 April 2009
        * Applied patch from Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko which brings
          correct handling of 64bit integers in koly signature and
          plist data, and should enable dmg2img to work on huge 
          archives > 4GBytes (tested by 'phcoder').
        * Added support for dmg archives involving bzip2 instead of zlib
          compression (this has not received much testing yet, as those
          archives are still unfrequent).
        * Many thanks to Pierre Duhem for useful hints.

1.4.1   6 April 2009
        * Fixed a bug in writing the output file that caused some DMG images
          to convert to a broken unmountable IMG image.

1.5     8 April 2009
        * Fixed a bug in parsing plist for image partitions.
        * Added support for ADC-compressed dmg images.

1.5.1  11 April 2009
        * Added missing zero block type.
        * Small fixes and clean up.

1.6    15 April 2009
        * Added support for dmg images that only have binary resource fork
          but no XML plist. 
        * Refined koly block processing.
        * Fixed a bug in finding the offset for the next compressed block
          when offsets are defined relative to the current partition.
        * Fixed broken progress indicator.
        * Added detection of images with GUID Partition Table and respective 
          mount commands in linux.

1.6.1  12 August 2009
        * Fixed a bug in handling large files on win32 systems.

1.6.2  24 March 2010
        * Fixed a bug in processing a terminal block type.
        * Added periodic flushing of debug log file.

1.6.3  07 April 2012
        * Added option -l to list partitions
        * Added option -p to extract only specific partition
        * Added support for a rare case scenario of koly block being at the
          the beginning of the image (thanks to Friik)

1.6.4  25 April 2012
        * Compilation bugfix (Linux)

1.6.5  23 July 2013
        * Fixed a bug in handling some types of dmg files