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0.2.3 New Logo, Who Dis? Again

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@github-actions github-actions released this 11 Jul 06:33
· 225 commits to main since this release

0.2.2 had a boot issue. Whoopsy!

New Stuff:

  • New Logo!
  • Add Create Clip Action: Creates a clip on twitch of the last 30 seconds.
    • Sorry it's not configurable, it's a limitation of twitch's api
  • Support Mouse4 and Mouse5 button presses for mouse click action (Thanks DonMortis)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix autocomplete in obs filter actions not completing scene names. (Thanks GraveEmbrace)
  • Fix empty chat commands not matching every chat message (Thanks dix0nm8)
  • Fixed Input emulation not working in some games (Thanks DonMortis)
  • Fixed click and drag weirdness in the action editor
  • Fix action queue bug stopping chat command permissions from functioning properly