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MDAnalysis Logo Competition

MDAnalysis Logo Competition announcement:

We would like to have a nice, little, spiffy logo for MDAnalysis.

Winner will be announced shortly.


If you're artistically inclined then send us your take on the MDAnalysis logo. You are (almost*) completely free in how to do but it should be possible to use it at a minimum resolution of 48x48 pixels. You can submit the same logo at different resolutions.

You can submit as many entries as you like. Email figures to orbeckst-at-gmail.com. We will put up all entries for display and subject them to a community vote.

Deadline for entries: 30 April 2011 (closed)

Voting: (closed)

The winning entry will become the official logo* used on the website, documentation etc and the author will be credited appropriately.

*Small print:

  1. You will need to licence the winning entry under a Creative Commons licence or put it in the Public Domain.
  2. You will need to allow us to display the entry (but all rights can be reserved).
  3. No offensive or profane material, no copyright violations, please.
  4. The MDAnalysis owners (NMA, EJD & OB) reserve final judgement (just in case it would be something very inappropriate and because we cannot be bothered to write even longer small print legalese; we promise to be reasonable ;-) )

Project Information

GNU GPL v2 code license
Labels: python, molecular dynamics, analysis, DCD, CHARMM, LAMMPS, NAMD, Gromacs, computer simulation, atoms, coordinates, trajectory, XTC, Library, object-oriented
Core Developers


Release Notes
Guide for Developers
Google Summer of Code

Code of Conduct


@mdanalysis on Twitter
Downloads (PyPi)
Mailing Lists:
User discussion group
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