Migrating MDAnalysis code with ten2eleven.py

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Version 0.11.0 of MDAnalysis brought many changes to the API, meaning that many existing scripts will not work. But panic not, along with these changes, a tool for fixing old scripts, "ten2eleven", has been created. This page outlines how to use this tool. For a full list of changes see the the Release Notes for 0.11.0 and for a comprehensive list of changes to be made to code see the MDAnalysis 0.11 unifying release user guide.

If you have questions or problems migrating your existing code with ten2eleven, please ask for help on the user mailing list. Everyone will be more than happy to help!

Using ten2eleven

The ten2eleven tool is distributed as part of the MDAnalysis package starting from 0.11.0. To convert a script, simply call the ten2eleven function and pass it the path to the script you want to convert. This function can accept many filenames.

import MDAnalysis as mda

mda.ten2eleven('myscript.py', 'myotherscript.py')

This will then scan and correct the script in place, after creating a backup called OLDNAME.bak.

Project Information

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