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@mcavigelli mcavigelli released this Oct 30, 2017 · 155 commits to master since this release

Hi everyone again

After more than two years, we are proud to release FileHelpers 3.2.7!
Thanks to all the contributors and testers!

The packages are available on

We have invested lots of effort in the automatic creation and publishing of NuGet packages.
This should allow us to publish more often and with less effort in the future.

Thank you for your patience and for using FileHelpers,

Marcos Meli & Matthias Cavigelli

Breaking changes & deprecated features

  • Removed nuget Package for .NET Framework 2.0.
    We are not building against .NET Framework 2.0 any longer.
    We would like to be able to use LINQ, which was not in .NET Framework 2.0.

Reduce API surface of the library and clean types

  • Methods on FileHelperEngine that return a list
    • #102, #145, #153 (jboyer2012): instead use methods that return an array and then apply
      the extension method ToList() on it. Methods are marked as obsolete and workaround
      is described.
  • Methods on FileHelperEngine that return a DataTable
    • #147 (jboyer2012): instead use the extension method ToDataTable. Methods are marked
      as obsolete and workaround is described.


  • #170 (Giuseppe Lipolis): Autoproperties full support!
    • It seems that this is not working yet with VB.Net Code (see #201 )
  • #85, #156 (neildboson-au): Add FieldCaption attribute (neildobson-au)
    Adds the ability to create user-defined column names in generated files.
  • (Jiri Formacek) Added ability to write enum as number in EnumConverter
  • (Jiri Formacek) Expose new line delimiter when writing to file
  • #226, #227 (consulting, Marcos Meli): expose CommandTimeout in DatabaseStorage
  • #198 (Rob De Carteret): Auto assign block size in BigFileSorter


  • #158 (raymegal): Analyzer to change IComparableRecord to IComparable.
  • (Marcos Meli): Record type analyzer

Fixed bugs

  • #217 (Marc Lopez): RecordInfo can remove multiple fields in an autoproperty class
  • #186 (Marcos Meli): Fix of Enumerator usage in FileHelperAsyncEngine
  • #157 (Marcos Meli): Removing last field from options does not reset the lastField property
  • #178, #179, #180, #181, #182 (Stephen Moon): Documentation fixes


ExcelNPOI Storage

  • #209 (juancfigueroa): Using XSSFWorkbook for files ending in "xlsm".
  • Increased buffer size in FileHelperEngines when reading or writing
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