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Miscellaneous scripts

  • gm_fill_user_name_and_pass.user.js is simple javascript you can use with greasemonkey to autofill informations on websites where security is not critical

  • random_show will launch your favourite video player on a random video file from a given directory. I wanted to mess a bit with C, recursivity and linked list. syntax :

$> random_show directory [video_player]


  • page_rank.rb is a basic script to compute the page rank of web pages a la google, in a simplier way.


  • nv_cours creates a new file named after the current day and adds some LaTeX infos in. You'll probably won't need it but as it was my first shell script I had to put it there.

  • will VACUUM firefox (and thunderbird) sqlite databases improving their performances. Try it!

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