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RFTools Crafter

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The Crafter is a powerful automatic crafting machine that can handle up to eight different recipes in a single block. It can be used to craft multiple items independent from each other or else it can be used for more complicated multi-step crafting recipes. By default it uses 100 RF for every crafting cycle (where it does all crafting operations in one step).

To make the first tier of this crafter you have to use the following recipe:

The Crafter UI looks like this:

This is the GUI of a tier 3 crafter which supports up to 8 recipes. In this case all 8 recipes are set up and this machine will produce octuple compressed cobblestone given a steady input of cobblestone (which in this setup was given by a cobble generator from extra utilities). All steps in this crafting recipe are internal which means that they all go to the internal buffer except for the last step which is the one that produces the final octuple compressed cobblestone. That one will be extracted out by a pipe to a nearby chest. This is just an example, you can make many other setups with this.

With the 'Keep' button you can toggle between two modes. With 'Keep' the crafter will never consume the last item out of a slot in the internal inventory. That way you can be sure that it is always possible to pipe in new items. If you use 'All' then all items can be consumed. Important note! These two buttons are per recipe! So make sure to first select a recipe and then select the right modes to use for that recipe!

The crafter also has a redstone mode (button below which can be set to 'ignore', 'off', or 'on') and it also has a speed mode which is set to slow by default. In slow mode it does a cycle (all eight crafting recipes) every tick which is still rather fast. If you don't have sufficient energy then it is recommended to use slow mode as that consumes less energy.

The crafter uses 100 RF per tick for every crafting cycle but this can be changed in the config.

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