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How do I open the GUI?

The default key for opening the GUI is Right Shift which you can change this via the Minecraft controls menu.
Inside the GUI, you can left click on a Module to toggle it and right click to configure its settings.

How do I use the HUD?

Turn on the HUD Module

  • Activate the HUD Module in the render category.
  • Go to the HUD tab (the top of the screen)


A red highlight on the hud element indicates that they are OFF. Simply left click to toggle and right click to configure.

How do I use Meteor on older Minecraft versions

Meteor is written for the latest stable release of Minecraft.
You can use multiconnect if you want to connect to servers running other versions of Minecraft.

How to use Meteor with Optifine?

Optifine is not and never will be supported by Meteor. We recommend using these instead,

  • Sodium | Performance improvements (better than Optifine)
  • Lithium | Server optimisations
  • Phosphor | Lighting engine improvements
  • Iris | Shader support and bundled Sodium

More alternatives and the reason why its not supported here.

How do I use Baritone with Meteor?

Meteor comes with Baritone built in, you don't need to download a standalone baritone. Baritone's default command prefix is # or you can use the Meteor command .b. You can view all of Baritone's commands here and settings here.

How do I dupe with Meteor?

Finding dupes isn't an easy task. Public dupes get patched very quickly so alot of dupes are kept private. For this reason, Meteor has no built in duping modules/features.

Why can't I talk in the Meteor Discord?

You may have broken one of the rules in the #rules channel and have been muted by staff.

If you did not break a rule, then this might explain why. Due to the amount of users in the discord server increasing, public channels have been closed to only users who have roles. You can get a role by creating an account here.

How to use the proxy system?

It works just like a normal socks proxy. If you don't know what a proxy is, then I suggest you google it and find out.