iOS 11 and XCode 9 compatibility

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RoboVM currently fully supports deploying Apps to iOS 11 devices and simulators.


To get XCode 9 and iOS 11 compatibility install the snapshot release 2.3.3 for Eclipse or IntelliJ:

iOS 11 Libraries

For an overview of all bindings, take a look at this commit:

You can use all not updated frameworks, but the added methods for iOS 11 aren't supported. For details consult the Changelog

Additional Info

Howto Create an Asset Catalog for XCode 9 Appstore Submission?

How-To Help

Update the missing frameworks to iOS 11. This is done by updating the YAML mapping config for the framework, for details please consult the article How are bindings to existing native frameworks generated?

Please note that for installation in Eclipse you need to enter the update site for the specific version, f.ex.

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