@netapp-ci netapp-ci released this Jul 12, 2017

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Changes since v17.04.0


  • Trident and Trident launcher no longer fail if they cannot validate the
    container orchestrator version.
  • When running in a pod, the Trident REST interface is no longer accessible
    by default from outside the pod.
  • Trident correctly handles updating backends that have volumes provisioned
    using storage classes that no longer exist (Issue #29).
  • Installer script correctly creates a new namespace (Issue #39).


  • Added support for storage.k8s.io/v1 storage classes and the default storage
    class introduced in Kubernetes v1.6.0.
  • Changed the installer script to support both Kubernetes and OpenShift
    deployments in a uniform manner and to leverage Role-Based Access Control
    (RBAC) authorization for better security.
  • Added scripts for uninstalling and updating Trident.
  • Added tridentctl CLI tool for managing Trident.
  • SolidFire backend configuration file accepts up to four Volume Access Group
    IDs (Issue #24).
  • Improved efficiency of ONTAP LUN ID selection.
  • Added PVC annotation trident.netapp.io/blockSize to specify block/sector
    size for SolidFire backends (Issues #33 and #37).
  • Added PVC annotation trident.netapp.io/fileSystem to specify the file
    system type for iSCSI volumes (Issue #37).