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Build Documentation

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  • One blue PCB
  • One white panel
  • Eight jacks
  • Eight nuts for the jacks

All the parts:

The front and back of the blue PCB:

The front and back of the white panel:

  1. Place the jacks on the PCB.

  2. Then place the panel on top.

  3. Carefully, holding the PCB and panel sandwich, flip it over and place it on your work surface.

  4. Solder each of the points on the back of the PCB.

  5. Flip it back over and screw the nuts on. Start by screwing them on by hand. Carefully use pliers to tighten the nuts a little more. Tip: You can put masking tape on your pliers to make sure you don't scratch the panel.

DONE! Your finished Lodi Mult should look like this:

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