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We created CounterCloud because our own information was being snooped and exploited. We did not like the idea that our personal information was for-sale in the cloud.

Why participate? Two reasons.

  1. Help yourself and help others protect their personal lives from the daily assault on our privacy.
  2. Learn something and be part of a team that is stronger than any of us can be individually.

What can you learn?

  • Learn about SQLite Databases. How they are created, updated, searched and deleted.
  • How to share information between Android applications with a Provider.
  • How to query the privileges of all the apps on your phone.
  • How to user Android Fragments and Activities.
  • How to create a hidden Developer menu, used for debugging or whatever.
  • How to use long-running background services.
  • How to monitor for changes to Android files and contacts.

Why work on CounterCloud?

  • You could possibly help someone else or yourself avoid identity theft.
  • The app is complex enough to be interesting, yet small enough that you can get your arms around it.
  • The code is opensource. You can re-use the code on your own opensource projects.
  • If you can help find a funding patron, it could be a paid gig for you.
  • If you are good at what you do, and someone else finds a funding patron, it could be a paid gig for you.
  • It could make a foundation for a college or high school class project.

How can we expand CounterCloud? Help add your ideas to this list

  • For contacts, we could add a set of rules to automatically archive or delete certain information. For example how often I call someone is my own business, not for Google or others to know and sell for profit. Automatically delete it or set it to zero.
  • Create a rule to automatically move new contacts into an encrypted database and remove them from the cloud.
  • Expand the app to monitor files added to my phone sdcard.
  • Expand the app to monitor and hide my browsing history, cookies, WiFi access point names, photos, music, offline electronic books.
  • Expand the security check to reference an on-line source of key-words.
  • Expand the security check to use a wildcard or other flexible search.
  • Create a honeypot of nonsense information that will muck up exploiting apps. We hide our personal stuff and let the snoopers snoop a bunch of garbage.
  • Identify potentially offending apps by scoring each app by abusive permissions such as Internet access, Start on boot, access to phone state, photos, calendar events, etc.
  • Inventory apps and look for apps with known security vulnerabilities and exploitations. If you like this idea, check out the also free and opensource DeepDive app.
  • Produce a security report on vulnerabilities found.

OK, it sounds great, how do I get started?

  • Pull down the source from Github and build it, instructions here.
  • Look at the wiki Issues page or in Android Studio view the TODO items.
  • If you have questions or big ideas go the Gitter page, for problems create a new Issue in Github


  • CounterCloud is offered for free under conditions of the GPLv3 open source software license.
  • Contact Nuvolect LLC for a less restrictive commercial license if you would like to use the software without the GPLv3 restrictions.

Contributing, Bug Reports

  • We use GitHub for bug tracking. Please search the existing issues for your bug and create a new one if the issue is not yet tracked.
  • Want to contribute? By all means, dive in! See The UI could use some help with Angular and other web skills. The Lucene search engine is great but we are not using all it can do. Are you into Android security? Help us expose vulnerabilities and exploitations.


Copyright Nuvolect LLC


CounterCloud Android App allows you to manage ALL visible and hidden contacts related information stored in your cloud.




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