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An open-source content management solution.
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OMS Project

Open source content management solution.

Getting Started

First of all, we really want to thank you for using OMS!



OMS requires a web server running PHP 5.2 or greater, a MySQL database, HTML, CSS and JS

  • Download OMS or GIT clone it into a folder: git clone
  • Start your server and visit your website (localhost or any other domain), you will automaticaly get redicted to the setup.
  • Follow all the steps in the setup, then follow the steps in the configuration.


  • First, enter your database credicals, then go to the next step.
  • Second, fill in all the next fields to personalize your website, now proceed to the next step.
  • Third, fill in all the configuration fields, everything will automaticly be filled in, if anything is wrong you should correct it.
  • Now for the last step, you have to create a root user. this user is very important, because you can control everything with it.

You have now successfully configured OMS, for additional configuration steps, please refer to configuration.


  • Steps to configure OMS will come soon...


  • Steps to configure Themes in OMS will come soon...

Building Themes

  • Steps to build your own Themes for OMS will come soon...


We use Bootstrap to style our default given theme, you can choose to not use bootstrap, but it is highly recommended.

Find out more about Bootstrap and how it can help improve your site here.


Do you have a problem with OMSP or found an spelling mistake? Let us know!

Experiencing problems regarding the installation? Visit our Discord server!


  • Calvin Heldoorn - Initial work - Tapiraat
  • Nathan Pipes - Huge contributions - Grimston
  • Micha de Vries - Huge contributions - Kearfy
  • Alexandru Ciurea - Behind the scenes contributions - Alexandru_C
  • List of other contributors who contributed to this project.

Projects used



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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