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OPEnS Lab Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki site for OPEnS Lab at Oregon State University.

This wiki is where you will find the most up to date information about OPEnS Lab and its current projects.


In an effort to reduce fragmentation of the mass amount of knowledge and data that OPEnS Lab creates, any and all information pertaining to OPEnS Lab projects and infrastructure can be found here. This means staff, students, partners, or stakeholders can have one place to share valuable (or even mundane) information.


The focus is on projects. In the sidebar to the right is a list of current and past projects. There you will find documentation on various aspects of the project's status, development, deployment, and usage.

Contribute to the wiki

The breadth of information found here is solely dependent on OPEnS staff and partners. See something you want to change? Maybe a specific project page is outdated and only you know the most up to date status. The contribute guide is a good place to start.

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