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Assets 8


  • Time slots mechanism
  • Delegate transaction
  • Vote/Recall vote transaction
  • Vote weight based on wallet balance
  • Reward transaction
  • Transaction sign
  • Delegate transaction verification
  • Vote/Recall vote verification
  • Reward transaction verification
  • Transaction fee
  • Genesis address defined in properties
  • Transactions fees are defined in properties
  • Reward for block creation is defined in properties
  • RPC: Add delegate transaction
  • RPC: Add vote/recall vote transaction
  • RPC: Add transfer transaction
  • RPC: Get delegates info
  • RPC: Page request filter
  • RPC: Application version and timestamp fields to all responses
  • TCP: Application version and timestamp fields to all packets
  • Database: unconfirmed transactions tables


  • Serialization mechanism to support kotlin classes
  • Transactions structure


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