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  • Consensus: Intervals between time slots for synchronization
  • Consensus: Prevote stage on block creation
  • Consensus: Commit stage on block creation
  • Wallet UI: Generate a seed phrase
  • Wallet UI: Create a wallet
  • Wallet UI: Save wallet data in a file
  • Wallet UI: Protect the file with password
  • Wallet UI: Access wallet with file
  • Wallet UI: Restore wallet from a private key
  • Wallet UI: Restore wallet from the seed phrase
  • RPC: Total number of nodes connected to the network
  • RPC: Get number of current epoch
  • RPC: Get when the current epoch started
  • RPC: Get number of delegates
  • RPC: Get number of an epoch when the block was created
  • RPC: Import private key in hex format
  • RPC: Get transactions by wallet address


  • New file structure


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open-chain-0.5.0_installer-windows-x64.exe C5233F489961A9885D348A12325F4E5C
open-chain-0.5.0_portable-unix.tar.gz 6B6C6B6A84622112A8DF3142A93CB375 65AEC598D781D906825CD98B66524DDE