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  • Network: A UID for nodes
  • Sync: Up node synchronization
  • Sync: Application synchronization status
  • Sync: Check application synchronization status and start synchronization if need
  • RPC: Get explorer info
  • RPC: Get a list of blocks
  • RPC: Get a list of transactions
  • RPC: Main and genesis block endpoints unit tests
  • Wallet UI: Create a transaction
  • Wallet UI: Past transaction list


  • Core: Genesis and Main blocks are not broadcasted after creation, pending blocks are broadcasted instead
  • Core validation: Now it is impossible to create vote transaction on the nonexistent delegate
  • Core validation: Now it is impossible to generate a request of vote transaction with the nonexistent vote type
  • Core validation: Now it is impossible to create transactions with a negative fee
  • Core validation: Improved fee and amount validation for the transfer transaction
  • Core: Removed validation from main block service on adding a block
  • Core: Removed validation from genesis service on adding a block


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