@evgeny-krylov evgeny-krylov released this Aug 31, 2018 · 302 commits to master since this release

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  • Master nodes initiation as active delegates on chain start
  • Configuration file
  • Network: Greeting response message contains node's external host


  • Node private key moved from a separate file to a configuration file
  • Network: Improved connection to active delegates
  • Core: Improved vote transaction validation when a wallet had already voted
  • Core: Empty block creation is allowed


File Checksum (MD5)
open-chain-0.7.0.jar 26FEFD475CB4452B8C7E176400CD3149
open-chain-0.7.0_installer-macos.dmg 09B272EC508C6F8177E902CFD479521D 673F192465ED050420CF544475E716BB
open-chain-0.7.0_installer-windows-x64.exe 46473F4524D57216AF14C85E7864E67D
open-chain-0.7.0_portable-unix.tar.gz DF67EBB7BFC8690260653887CC5C243D 18686FA3C843ACEE1A16CC8E6DEB86F2