@evgeny-krylov evgeny-krylov released this Sep 7, 2018 · 623 commits to master since this release

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  • Consensus: delegate public key field to a delegation transaction
  • RPC: delegate public key parameter to a delegation transaction request
  • Network: node ID as a network identifier
  • Core: unconfirmed output balance to a wallet
  • RPC: wallet address validation
  • RPC: node ID added to active delegate response
  • Wallet UI: Send delegate transaction
  • Wallet UI: Send vote transaction
  • Wallet UI: Transactions list


  • Network: addresses exploring mechanism
  • Network: nodes reconnection mechanism
  • Core: synchronization mechanism
  • Core: wallet balances calculation improved


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open-chain-0.8.0_installer-windows-x64.exe BA22FD86FC7FADFC4108EDE46B020BA2
open-chain-0.8.0_portable-unix.tar.gz 4E4E2D2E1D7F3C94EBE9952B6649DC9C 7214DD049DD18D402C14B2C570A27E57