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The backend of the Transport API changed on 31 July 2017. Read more on

Transport API


The Transport API allows interested developers to build their own applications using public timetable data, whether they're on the web, the desktop or mobile devices.

Feel free to fork this project implement your own ideas or send pull requests.


You can install the Transport API on your own server, however we recommend the usage of

$ git clone git:// transport
$ cd transport
$ composer install

Also make sure, the directory transport/var/ is writable.

If you cloned the repository inside your document root, the API is now accessible at http://localhost/transport/web/api.php/v1/. However we recommend setting the document root to transport/web/ and using the provided .htaccess to route API requests to api.php.

Or you can start it with the PHP's built-in webserver (not recommended for a production setup, but the easy way to get started locally)

php -S localhost:8000

And then access it with http://localhost:8000/web/api.php


To define your own configuration for the API copy the file config.php.sample to config.php and override the variables you want to change.


You can get some basic statistics for the API by configuring a Redis server in your configuration ($redis) and have a look at http://localhost/transport/web/stats.php.


XSD for the XML Fahrplan API is available here: hafasXMLInterface.xsd


Missing package php-xml

If you're running Ubuntu and composer install produces the error message

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

you can try to install the package php-xml using the command

sudo apt install php-xml