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Pokemon GO Assets

Repository of all mined assets, including sprites, sounds, and news items. This repo is organized based on category and is a combination of downloaded/remote assets and assets found inside the APK.

NOTE: Looking for something that's not in the repo? Check out our temporary scratch folder: This is where assets will live (unorganized) until we have a chance to update the repo. Once added to the repo, they will be removed from the scratch folder.

Folder Structure


All 2D images of all assets that we mine are located here. Assets are organized based on category, such as Pokemon, Items, Backgrounds, etc.

3D Assets

All 3D models and their textures (if present) of all assets that we mine are located here. Assets are organized based on category, such as Pokemon, Items, Clothing, etc.


All sound effects and music that are mined are found here. They are organized by category such as Pokemon Moves, Music, Menu Sounds, etc.


Mined text assets which contain quests among other things will be found here. Inside there are two folders, one for Latest APK and one for Latest Remote. When Niantic pushes a text update, it's pushed to the Remote. Once a new APK is released, all remote pushes are merged into the APK and removed from the Remote; therefore, we maintain both.

Note: Keep in mind it is expected that the Remote will have items removed from it after a new APK is released.

Candy Color Data

The JSON structure that the game uses to generate the in-game candy colors.


This repo is for educational use only. All content found within this repo is the property of The Pokemon Company and Niantic. PokeMiners did not create or modify any images or sounds found within this repo and all copyright belongs to the respective companies. Please respect the original source material.


Repository of all mined assets including sprites, news items, sound files, translations, and 3D Assets for Pokemon GO.







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