@postgrest-bot postgrest-bot released this May 15, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release


  • The configuration (e.g. postgrest.conf) now accepts arbitrary settings that will be passed through as session-local database settings. This can be used to pass in secret keys directly as strings, or via OS environment variables. For instance: app.settings.jwt_secret = "$(MYAPP_JWT_SECRET)" will take MYAPP_JWT_SECRET from the environment and make it available to postgresql functions as current_setting('app.settings.jwt_secret'). Only app.settings.* values in the configuration file are treated in this way. - @canadaduane
  • #256, Add support for bulk UPSERT with POST and single UPSERT with PUT - @steve-chavez
  • #1078, Add ability to specify source column in embed - @steve-chavez
  • #821, Allow embeds alias to be used in filters - @steve-chavez
  • #906, Add jspath configurable role-claim-key - @steve-chavez
  • #1061, Add foreign tables to OpenAPI output - @rhyamada



  • #828, A SET SCHEMA <db-schema> is done on each request, this has the following implications:
  • To use RPC now the json_to_record/json_to_recordset functions are needed, these are available starting from PostgreSQL 9.4 - @steve-chavez
  • Overloaded functions now depend on the dbStructure, restart/sighup may be needed for their correct functioning - @steve-chavez
  • #1098, Removed support for:
    • curly braces {} in embeds, i.e. /clients?select=*,projects{*} can no longer be used, from now on parens () should be used /clients?select=*,projects(*) - @steve-chavez
    • "in" operator without parens, i.e. /clients?id=in.1,2,3 no longer supported, /clients?id=in.(1,2,3) should be used - @steve-chavez
    • "@@", "@>" and "<@" operators, from now on their mnemonic equivalents should be used "fts", "cs" and "cd" respectively - @steve-chavez--replace