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Yo dawg, I heard you like OS, so I put an OS in your OS so you can use an OS while you use an OS.

Run Build.sh to compile ModuleCompiler and sJOS.

You need Apache ANT (install it with your package manager (like APT) or http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi).

How compile a module:

`java -jar ModuleCompiler.jar Cat.java Date.java Yes.java [...]`
ModuleCompiler will generate a file .class for each module.
After, move them in a folder called `modules` in the same folder in which is contained sJOS.
`java -jar sJOS.jar [+ModuleName]`

Please, when you code a module:

The input is simply the param `String[] input`. So manage it how you want
Call it with a unique and lowercase word (except for file/class name, which are capitalized), without using symbols (eg.: cat => Cat.java)
Each module musts extends Module class
Follow the pratice used in my modules (eg.: makeHelp, makeVersion, etc)

Happy hacking!

~ Giovanni Capuano http://www.giovannicapuano.net