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Remove composed_of example in README #179

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This replaces the composed_of example in the README with accessor definitions that accomplish the same task.



This pull request passes (merged a66ddfa into 4facf60).

@semmons99 semmons99 merged commit 2178526 into RubyMoney:master

Awesome. Merged!


@hakanensari would you update the wiki with this information too?


@semmons99 no worries, I've done that already

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Commits on Jun 24, 2012
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## Ruby on Rails
-To integrate money in a rails application use [money-rails](
+To integrate money in a Rails application use [money-rails](
gem or follow the instructions below.
-Use the `composed_of` helper to let Active Record deal with embedding the money
+Define accessor methods to let Active Record deal with embedding the money
object in your models. The following example requires 2 columns:
``` ruby
:price_cents, :integer, :default => 0, :null => false
-:currency, :string
+:price_currency, :string
Then in your model file:
``` ruby
-composed_of :price,
- :class_name => "Money",
- :mapping => [%w(price_cents cents), %w(currency currency_as_string)],
- :constructor => { |cents, currency| || 0, currency || Money.default_currency) },
- :converter => { |value| value.respond_to?(:to_money) ? value.to_money : raise(ArgumentError, "Can't convert #{value.class} to Money") }
-For Money 2.2.x and previous versions, simply use the following `composed_of`
+def price
+ price_cents || 0, price_currency || Money.default_currency
-``` ruby
-composed_of :price,
- :class_name => "Money",
- :mapping => [%w(price_cents cents), %w(currency currency)],
- :constructor => { |cents, currency| || 0, currency || Money.default_currency) }
+def price=(value)
+ Money.parse(value).tap do |price|
+ write_attribute :price_cents, price.cents
+ write_attribute :price_currency, price.currency_as_string
+ end
-Note the difference in the currency column mapping (currency_as_string vs. currency) - this matters! For further details read the full discussion
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