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Database viewer for TrinityCore based on aowow by @LordJZ, based on the JS-Engine of Wowhead

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AoWoW is a Database tool for World of Warcraft v3.3.5 (build 12340) It is based upon the other famous Database tool for WoW, featuring the red smiling rocket. While the first releases can be found as early as 2008, today it is impossible to say who created this project. This is a complete rewrite of the serverside php code and update to the clientside javascripts from 2008 to something 2013ish.

I myself take no credit for the clientside scripting, design and layout that these php-scripts cater to. Also, this project is not meant to be used for commercial puposes of any kind!


audio processing may require lame or vorbis-tools (which may require libvorbis (which may require libogg))

Highly Recommended

  • setting the following configuration values on your TrinityCore server will greatly increase the accuracy of spawn points

    Calculate.Creature.Zone.Area.Data = 1
    Calculate.Gameoject.Zone.Area.Data = 1


1. Acquire the required repositories

git clone aowow
git clone MPQExtractor

2. Prepare the database

Ensure that the account you are going to use has full access on the database AoWoW is going to occupy and ideally only read access on the world database you are going to reference.
Import setup/db_structure.sql into the AoWoW database mysql -p {your-db-here} < setup/db_structure.sql

3. Server created files

See to it, that the web server is able to write the following directories and their children. If they are missing, the setup will create them with appropriate permissions

  • cache/
  • config/
  • static/download/
  • static/widgets/
  • static/js/
  • static/uploads/
  • static/images/wow/
  • datasets/

4. Extract the client archives (MPQs)

Extract the following directories from the client archives into setup/mpqdata/, while maintaining patch order (base mpq -> patch-mpq: 1 -> 9 -> A -> Z). The required paths are scattered across the archives. Overwrite older files if asked to.
.. for every locale you are going to use:


.. once is enough (still apply the localeCode though):


.. optionaly (not used in AoWoW):


5. Reencode the audio files

WAV-files need to be reencoded as ogg/vorbis and some MP3s may identify themselves as application/octet-stream instead of audio/mpeg.

6. Run the initial setup from the CLI

php aowow --setup.
This should guide you through with minimal input required from your end, but will take some time though, especially compiling the zone-images. Use it to familiarize yourself with the other functions this setup has. Yes, I'm dead serious: Go read the code! It will help you understand how to configure AoWoW and keep it in sync with your world database.
When you've created your admin account you are done.


Q: The Page appears white, without any styles.
A: The static content is not being displayed. You are either using SSL and AoWoW is unable to detect it or STATIC_HOST is not defined poperly. Either way this can be fixed via config php aowow --siteconfig

Q: Fatal error: Can't inherit abstract function <functionName> (previously declared abstract in <className>) in <path>
A: You are using cache optimization modules for php, that are in confict with each other. (Zend OPcache, XCache, ..) Disable all but one.

Q: Some generated images appear distorted or have alpha-channel issues.
A: Image compression is beyond my understanding, so i am unable to fix these issues within the blpReader. BUT you can convert the affected blp file into a png file in the same directory, using the provided BLPConverter. AoWoW will priorize png files over blp files.

Q: How can i get the modelviewer to work?
A: You can't anymore. Wowhead switched from Flash to WebGL (as they should) and moved or deleted the old files in the process.

Q: I'm getting random javascript errors!
A: Some server configurations or external services (like Cloudflare) come with modules, that automaticly minify js and css files. Sometimes they break in the process. Disable the module in this case.

Q: Some search results within the profiler act rather strange. How does it work?
A: Whenever you try to view a new character, AoWoW needs to fetch it first. Since the data is structured for the needs of TrinityCore and not for easy viewing, AoWoW needs to save and restructure it locally. To this end, every char request is placed in a queue. While the queue is not empty, a single instance of prQueue is run in the background as not to overwhelm the characters database with requests. This also means, some more exotic search queries can't be run agains the characters database and have to use the incomplete/outdated cached profiles of AoWoW.

Q: Screenshot upload fails, because the file size is too large and/or the subdirectories are visible from the web!
A: That's a web server configuration issue. If you are using Apache you may need to enable the use of .htaccess. Other servers require individual configuration.

Q: An Item, Quest or NPC i added or edited can't be searched. Why?
A: A search is only conducted against the currently used locale. You may have only edited the name field in the base table instead of adding multiple strings into the appropriate *_locale tables. In this case searches in a non-english locale are run against an empty name field.


@mix: for providing the php-script to parse .blp and .dbc into usable images and tables
@LordJZ: the wrapper-class for DBSimple; the basic idea for the user-class
@kliver: basic implementation of screenshot uploads
@Sarjuuk: maintainer of the project

Special Thanks

Said website with the red smiling rocket, for providing this beautifull website! Please do not regard this project as blatant rip-off, rather as "We do really liked your presentation, but since time and content progresses, you are sadly no longer supplying the data we need".

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