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Slurm on Google Cloud Platform

This repository is no longer actively developed

6.3.1 is the last release on this repository. Active development will continue here:

Google HPC-Toolkit is the recommended way to use Slurm in GCP.

FAQ | Troubleshooting | Glossary


slurm-gcp is an open-source software solution that enables setting up Slurm clusters on Google Cloud Platform with ease. With it, you can create and manage Slurm cluster infrastructure in GCP, deployed in different configurations.

Google's HPC Toolkit, on github, can be used to manage and deploy Slurm clusters and other supporting infrastrucutre via HPC Blueprints.

Image Support

See supported Operating Systems and published Image Family for machine image support.


SchedMD provides professional services and commercial support to help you get up and running and stay running.

Issues and/or enhancement requests can be submitted to SchedMD's Bugzilla.

Also, join community discussions on either the Slurm User mailing list or the Google Cloud & Slurm Community Discussion Group.

Cluster Configurations

slurm-gcp can be deployed and used in different configurations and methods to meet your computing needs.

See HPC Blueprints for HPC Toolkit example cluster configurations that are production ready.


All Slurm cluster resources will exist in the cloud.

See the Cloud Cluster Guide for details.


Only Slurm compute nodes will exist in the cloud. The Slurm controller and other Slurm components will remain in the onprem environment.

See the Hybrid Cluster Guide for details.


Two or more clusters are connected, allowing for jobs to be submitted from and ran on different clusters. This can be a mix between onprem and cloud clusters.

See the Federated Cluster Guide for details.

Upgrade to v6

See the Upgrade to v6 Guide for details.

TPU support

slurm-gcp supports using TPU-vm nodes. See TPU guide for details.

Help and Support

Please reach out to us here. We will be happy to support you!