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A YouTube download- and splitter written in C#/.NET using WPF
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Schrabber is an application allowing you to download YouTube videos or playlists.
Additionally you can split those into multiple audio files. For example to extract songs of a compilation as separate files.

Supported as input are:

  • YouTube videos
  • YouTube playlists
  • Local audio/video files


  • Download the installer (Scrabber-Setup-Admin.exe or Schrabber-Setup-User.exe) from here.
  • Navigate through the installer as usual.
  • You are done.

Assisted Splitting

Splitting into "Parts" can be done via "patterns" or Regex. In case of Regex you would use named capturing groups.


Matching the songs below:

00:00 - Artist 1 - Song 1
02:30 - Artist 2 - Song 2
05:00 - Artist 3 - Song 3
1:12:00 - Artist 4 - Song 4

Via pattern {{Start}} - {{Artist}} - {{Title}}
Via Regex (?<Start>.+?)\ -\ (?<Author>.+?)\ -\ (?<Title>.+?)\r?$

These patterns can also contain literal characters:

00:00 「Author」 【Title】

Via pattern: {{Start}} 「{{Artist}}」 【{{Title}}】
Via Regex: (?<Start>.+?)\ 「(?<Artist>.+?)」\ 【(?<Title>.+?)】\r?$

Since those literals are not part of the capturing groups, they won't be in the resulting parts.

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