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BepInEx and Mod the Gungeon API installation guide

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  1. Install r2modman.
  2. In the game selection, pick Enter the Gungeon.
  3. Select the platform where you have the game.
  4. Either create a new mod profile or select the default one.
  5. Install the mods you want from the Online tab.
  6. To launch the game with your installed mods, press Start Modded.
    • Launching the game through steam or whatever platform you have the game on will launch the game without the mods.
    • If you have the game on steam, you can copy your profile's launch options (in the mod manager, click Settings -> Set launch parameters, copy the ones from the modded section specifically) and paste them into steam (right click enter the gungeon -> Properties -> General -> paste them into the Launch options field.)


If you already have BepInEx installed on your Enter the Gungeon, you can skip the Installing BepInEx part.

Installing BepInEx

  1. Download BepInEx Pack for EtG from its thunderstore page.
  2. Further instructions for getting BepInEx to work are on the page.

Installing MTG API

  1. Download MTG API from its thunderstore page.
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded into the BepInEx folder in your game's directory that you got after installing BepInEx.
  3. Run the game. If you’ve done everything correctly, the version label on the title screen should also say BepInEx {version} | Modding API {version}