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TUM dissertation/PhD thesis LaTeX template

An unofficial Latex template for a TUM dissertation/PhD thesis that aims to satisfy the new 2016 corporate design guidelines of the TUM regarding titlepage header and color usage.

Made by Andre Richter with help from his colleagues.

For a preview of the cover, click here. For a full preview, see either the template PDF or have a look at already published dissertations in the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame

If you used the template to publish your dissertation, we'd be super happy if you reference yourself in the Hall of Fame. Just create a pull request or an issue.

The Hall of Fame is also a great resource for previewing the template and getting inspired regarding style.

Getting started

The following instructions work with Linux, macOS and Windows, because a Docker image is used that provides the whole build environment.

Docker image info

Step by step

  1. Install Docker on your system. Find install instructions or binaries for your OS here.
    • Windows users only: Share the local drive. Right-click on the Docker icon in the bottom right gives you access to the settings.
  2. Logos are needed for the cover. To circumvent copyright problems, they must be downloaded using your TUM login and cropped manually. You can skip this for now, and run make placeholder (or make.bat placeholder under Windows) to use placeholders. But eventually you need to get the logos:
    1. Login at
    2. Download the SVG version of the blue TUM logo and save it to inc/
    3. Download the SVG version of your faculty's logo and save it to inc/
    4. If the above link did not work for you, e.g. you could not see or access the logos, please refer to the section Link list of logo resources at the bottom of this readme. They provide alternative links that may work.
    5. Start a terminal/console/command and navigate where you saved the repository.
      1. Linux/macOS: Execute make crop
      2. Windows: Execute make.bat crop

The command in the last step will first pull the Docker image from remote, which will take a couple of minutes. Fortunately, this must only be done once.

If everything worked, your setup is complete now and you are good to go!

Building the PDF


In a terminal, execute

  • make to build the pdf.
  • make clean to clean up temporary files.


In a cmd or powershell, execute

  • make.bat to build the pdf.
  • make.bat clean to clean up temporary files.

Double-clicking make.bat in the explorer also builds the pdf.



  • If you get errors on the make commands, you can try to invoke them via sudo, e.g. sudo make crop

Template Usage

  • At the top of dissertation.tex, you'll find parameters for the titlepage, e.g. names, faculty name, dissertation title, etc.
    • Also, have a look at the two binding correction options!
  • Use \captionabove{} instead of \caption{} if you place a caption above a figure.
  • Easy usage of TUM CI colors is provided by the tumcolors package. See doc/tumcolor.pdf for instructions.


The TUM design guidelines lack explicit statements about how to place non-quadratic faculty logos. Each faculty logo has at least a partial circle. Most likely, the logo must be centered to the center of the logo's partial circle, and scale the diameter of the partial circle to 10mm. At least this is what we can derive from looking at page 16 of the style guide.


  • Error handling in (missing binaries, files not found, etc.).
  • Improve the windows batch file.

Building without Docker

Linux/macOS users who want to build without Docker most likely know what to do. Dependencies can be found inside Dockerfile. The Makefile already has targets for building without docker, just make them default.

Link list of logo resources


Andre Richter -

  • Makefile
  • Title page design
  • Plot cycle list
  • Figures, tables, acronyms in table of contents
  • Added a customized bibliography style based on unsrturl.bst that abbreviates first names
  • Appendix support
  • TUM color syntax highlighting for source code listings
  • Siunitx styles
  • Support for non-quadratic faculty logos

Michael Vonbun -

  • tumcolors package
  • Various cls file tweaks
  • Latexmk support
  • Sans serif title page option

Christian Herber -

  • Barchart cycle list with pattern styles
  • Table of contents in pdf index hack

Stefan Wallentowitz -

  • Prevent orphans and widows

Andreas Oeldemann -

  • Help with Docker support.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

See license file for details.

Cover Preview

Cover Preview