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vMenu v2.2.0 Changes

Permissions changes

Weapon Options Menu

  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaPistol (new dlc pistol)
  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaCarbine (new dlc smg)
  • vMenu.WeaponOptions.PlasmaMinigun (new dlc minigun)

Weapon Loadouts Menu

  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.Menu Access the new weapon loadouts menu.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.All Use all options in the new weapon loadouts menu.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.Equip Allows you to equip a weapon loadout, weapons which are a not allowed via the Weapon Options menu will not be spawned in.
  • vMenu.WeaponLoadouts.EquipOnRespawn Allows you to automatically equip a specific saved weapon loadout whenever you (re)spawn, also works if you've just joined the server.

Other changes


  • Fix speed display function showing KPH instead of MPH even if MPH was toggled on, and KPH was off.
  • Fix the menu toggle key not being set correctly in all places.
  • Prevent ultra wide aspect ratios from causing problems by notifying the user, and forcing the menu to left-align if an unsupported aspect ratio is being used.
  • Fix "tatttoo" typo in some places, not all internal code can be changed for backwards compatibility with previous save files and servers using older versions.
  • Fix 'M' key triggering a bugged 'noclip' menu state whenever the player is not allowed to use the main menu (staff only is enabled).
  • Fix 'Noclip is now active...' message appearing when it shouldn't.
  • Fix ammo count not being set and/or saved correctly in multiple cases.
  • Fix weapon loadouts permissions.
  • Fix bullet proof tires not being set and/or saved correctly in some cases.
  • Fix 'Spawn Ped By Name' permissions bug.
  • Fix dev permissions (can still be toggled off).
  • Fix build warnings of vMenu by using a custom FXServer build for server API version.
  • Fixed critical bug caused by a Natives repo PR by myself, this caused player appearance props to break.
  • Fix some potential permissions issue when using Spawn Weapon By Name (previously when allowed, gave you access to spawn any weapon, this is no longer the case, unless it's an addon weapon then you're still allowed to spawn any addon weapon because those are not permissions restricted).
  • Fix Appveyor config for auto publishing new builds.


  • Update MenuAPI version.
  • Refactor some code and clean up multiple parts of the code.
  • Move files/classes into subfolders to try and organize the internal structure a bit.
  • Tiresmoke is a bit more user friendly now because it'll automatically select your current tiresmoke color when opening the vehicle mod menu.
  • Changed or removed some default location blips.
  • Some repo cleanups, like deleting travis.yml, deleting CNAME file, deleting an unused JS script file and more.
  • No longer require vMenu to have access to the command.sets permission, but use the native instead for guaranteed access.
  • Move permissions to the vMenuShared project. PermissionsManager.cs now manages all permissions client- and server-side.
  • Readme and license copyright year/date changes.
  • ⚠ Changed how addons are loaded, now done client side. Server side only checks for errors and prints them to the server console as a warning, it does not send the file to the client anymore. This requires you to override your __resource.lua file and MAKE SURE THAT THE addons.json FILE IS IN THE resources\vMenu\config\ FOLDER!
  • Add a way for me to print an extra 'update checker' message in the server console if needed. Only used whenever I need to send an important message to server owners without having to bump the vMenu version.


  • Added a 'saved weapons' (Weapon Loadouts) menu.
  • Add (re)spawning with a default loadout equipped.
  • Add a lot of new default location blips.
  • Added facial expressions to characters created with the MP Character Creator menu.
  • Add DLC weapons from Arnea Wars DLC (1604).
  • Add permissions for those weapons.
  • Add colored headlights option to the Vehicle Options -> Mod Menu.
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vMenu v2.1.0 Changes

Added permissions:

  • vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Identifiers
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.DriftMode

Added convars (config options):

  • setr vmenu_server_info_message "About this server, discord:"
  • setr vmenu_server_info_website_url ""
  • setr vmenu_teleport_to_wp_keybind_key 168 # 168 / F7 by default
  • setr vmenu_disable_spawning_as_default_character false


  • Fixed snowball pickup animations & notifications.
  • Improve GetUserInput function.
  • Converted vMenu to MenuAPI.
  • Remove NativeUI.
  • Fixed spectating.
  • Added tattoos to the MP Character creator menu.
  • Weapon wheel is now disabled while the menu is open and using the scrollwheel on the mouse to scroll through the menu. If you press TAB or use the controller then you can still switch weapons.
  • Fix a lot of bugs (most of them were introduced after converting to MenuAPI initially, but also some bugs prior to that have been fixed).
  • Cleanup and remove a lot of dead/old/unused code.
  • Added a 'print identifiers' button to the online players menu.
  • Added a 'set custom speed limit' option for the vehicle speed limit feature.
  • A lot of internal/structural changes to classes like Common Functions and other parts of the code that get used a lot.
  • Added a new info button for server owners to configure their own server name, website, etc inside the about menu. No this will not change the menu name from the player name to your custom name, and I will not add that either.
  • Implement keybinds. (See Misc Settings > Keybinds Menu).
  • Add drift mode keybind.
  • Add teleport to waypoint keybind.
  • Set the player back into their vehicle if they changed from ped model/skins.
  • Restore armor whenever a player switches ped models/skins.
  • Add a depreciated notification to the Save Ped function whenever a MP Ped is saved.
  • Hide the radar/minimap when the MP Character Creator is open.
  • Add missing user defaults for keybind options.
  • Change 'max armor' into a list containing multiple armor types/stages (no armor, light armor, standard armor, etc).
  • Fix teleport into vehicles when using 'Teleport Into Player Vehicle' in the Online Players menu.
  • Fix bullet proof tires bug.
  • Add new DLC vehicles, they are not available in-game yet but once they are then vMenu will already support them.
  • Added some hardcoded debug permissions for myself. All you need to do to remove this (if you don't want me to help you out in case you have problems with vMenu) is remove the line containing vMenu.Dev from the default permissions.cfg. All this does is give me access to debugging commands for whenever debugging is required on the server itself. It does not give me any permissions outside of vMenu. You can checkout the features affected here. This vMenu.Dev permission will only work for my identifier, so it won't work if you give that to someone random.
  • Change the 'Kill Player' option in the Online Players menu. This will now notify the person of whoever pressed the Kill Player button.
  • The NoClip menu is now no longer visible when you activate NoClip. You'll get a notification whenever you use it explaining the new interface.
  • Fix some user defaults not getting saved correctly.
  • Fixed saved vehicles crashing the game (bug introduced after converting to MenuAPI, this was not an issue before in any production version of vMenu and only affected the dev builds).
  • Switch to Appveyor for all future GitHub deployments and dev builds. This replaces travis completely.
  • Fix location & coordinates drawing. And move back the time display to it's old location. (It's still a separate toggle though.)
  • The menu now works correctly both left and right aligned. You can now instantly switch between left/right menu alignment by toggling the option in the Misc Settings menu.
  • Fix the 'look at' function myself in vMenu's code by changing parameters, since the PR that fixes that has not been build on the FiveM production channel yet (at the time of that commit).
  • Re-add the notification for whenever you try to exit the MP Character creator without saving.
  • has been changed slightly.
  • Fix rare weapon attachments bug that was randomly introduced without the code for it every changing. Most likely something internally in GTA (or maybe even FiveM, doubt that though) has changed that broke vMenu's previous setup. All data related to weapons has now been refactored, reworked and should be a lot better now. Also removed duplicate entries and reduced memory usage because of this.
  • Change some descriptions, and other text entries in the menu.
  • Add a Remove All Tattoos button to the tattoos menu.
  • Renaming a saved MP Character now puts the old name in the input box by default. Which should help you change any typos or other small name changes.
  • Fix changing wheel type resetting menu index.
  • Fix window tint showing as 'Green [7/7]' when it should have been 'Stock [1/7]'.
  • Add FPS warning for Show Location option. It's laggy as hell and I can't fix it.
  • Properly fix picking up snowballs.
  • Added a 'default character' option. Go to your 'Saved Characters' in the MP Characters menu and select 'Set As Default Character' on one of them. Next time you (re)spawn you'll be spawning as that character automatically. Server owners can disable this feature globally on the server by setting a convar. Players can disable this themselves in the Misc Settings menu by toggling the Spawn As Default Character checkbox.
  • Added a system that will cleanup old/unused KVP entries.
  • Add a 'dump' command for debugging purposes. Which dumps all vMenu data on the client side in the client console. (/vmenuclient dump ⚠ it can cause lag spikes!).
  • Other small UX improvements in multiple places, too much to list here all individually.

And of course made sure this menu is still snailsome! 🐌

@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Dec 7, 2018 · 161 commits to master since this release

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vMenu v2.0.0

vMenu v2 contains a lot of performance improvements (also due to the changes that I've PR'ed to the FiveM CitizenFX API set which is used by vMenu), no more (unused) memory buildups to some ridiculously high value, MP (freemode) Character customization support and much more. Read below for a full list of changes.



  • Fixed multiple 'null object' exceptions.
  • Fix the player stamina toggle option.
  • Fix special vehicle god mode not being saved correctly.
  • Fix Christmas weather particles and vehicle trails/footstep tracks not being loaded correctly in some cases.
  • Fix / improve teleport to waypoint option. It should be a lot more accurate now.
  • Fixed a NativeUI bug.
  • Fix player names in notifications.
  • Fixed UX issue with the 'Delete Vehicle' option.
  • Pressing ESC while a menu is open will no longer trigger the pause menu. Use P on keyboard instead if you want to open the pause menu. Pressing start on a controller still allows you to open the pause menu.
  • Completely re-code the Online Players menu. Removed all memory leaks in that menu because of this.
  • Fixed memory issues by preventing (unused) memory from building up to some high values like 500 MiB in some rare cases.


  • Added MP Character customization.*
  • Add a 'Disable Plane Turbulence' option in the vehicle options menu. Only works for planes. No this can't be changed to support helicopters.
  • Add a 'Keep Vehicle Clean' option in the vehicle options menu.
  • Added default location blips to the locations.json file.
  • Add picking up snowballs when the weather is set to 'xmas' and the player is on foot and unarmed. Only works if you have permission to spawn snowballs through the weapon options menu. This is done to prevent abuse.
  • If you have a specific helmet that has a visor or a gadget that you can toggle (like nightvision goggles for example) you can now hold F11 while on a bike or on foot, (and while vMenu is closed). This will play an animation on your player and will flip the visor/gadget up/down (and switch to the proper component variation).
  • Added a 'vehicle dimensions debug' option to the misc settings. It draws the outlines of the vehicle model, as well as the vehicle handle (entity id).
  • Added speed limit options, PR by ToastinYou. Later improved by me by adding some notifications and further improvements.
  • Added a Draw Time function to the misc setting menu. This replaces the time display in the Show Location option.
  • Added a vMenu.OnlinePlayers.ViewBannedPlayers permission that allows players to see the list of banned players in-game. This will not allow those players to unban those banned players. Only players with the vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Unban permission will be able to unban players from this list.


  • Remove old export related to headblend data and use the CFX C# API set instead. This also removes the .js file.
  • Remove time display in the Show Location option. This has been moved to the Draw Time function.

Updated / Changed

  • Update NativeUI with some fixes and very slight improvements.
  • Properly implement player blips sprites.
  • Re-write player blips functionality. Players too far away will no longer have blips shown on the minimap, only on the main pause menu map. Also players in vehicles that are too far away, will still have the correct vehicle blip now because I switched to decorators. In case that fails, the old system will automatically take over and attempt to show the correct blip.
  • Change vehicle neon/under-glow colors to be the 'official R*' colors.
  • Some internal changes were made to the dependency structure.

Permissions changes

  • Added vMenu.OnlinePlayers.ViewBannedPlayers which allows players to see a list of banned players in-game. This does not give them access to the unban option.
  • Added vMenu.VehicleOptions.KeepClean which allows players to enable the Keep Vehicle Clean option.
  • Added vMenu.VehicleOptions.SpeedLimiter which allows players to use the speed limit option.
  • Added vMenu.VehicleOptions.DisableTurbulence which allows players to disable plane turbulence.
  • Added vMenu.VehicleOptions.Flares and vMenu.VehicleOptions.PlaneBombs which both of those are currently unused, but will be a thing in the future.

* MP Character customization is a new menu which can be found just below the Player Appearance menu. You will need the vMenu.PlayerAppearance.Menu permission to use it. There are no other permissions inside this menu that can restrict any of the features, because it's all "1 big feature".

Some important notes about the MP Character support

  1. You can NOT save existing peds made through vMenu, or some other mod/resource. You can only save/create/edit/spawn characters created through this new menu inside vMenu. This is due to GTA limitations.
  2. You should NOT edit your saved character through the 'Player Appearance' menu after you've created it in the 'MP Character' menu. Customizations done there will NOT be saved to your character.
  3. Some options like Tattoos are not (yet) available. Tattoos probably won't be added due to a large number of impossible challenges to overcome. Mainly 'getting' the current tattoos on a ped, and 'removing a specific tattoo'. Which are both impossible. Don't even start with "but SkinControl has it". No, it doesn't. SkinControl basically commented in their code "fuck this part, it's impossible" and they manually set everything to -1 (making it useless for our purpose).
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vMenu v1.5.0

New permissions

  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.MaxHealth This allows the player to heal themselves in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.MaxArmor This allows the player to give themselves max armor in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.CleanPlayer This allows the player to clean their player clothes in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.DryPlayer This allows the player to make their clothes dry in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.WetPlayer This allows the player to make their clothes wet in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.VehicleAutoPilotMenu This allows the player to use the vehicle auto pilot options, which is located in the Player Options menu.
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.RestoreAppearance If this is allowed and the player enabled it in the Misc Settings menu, then whenever the player dies and respawns it will restore their previous skin. Might not work correctly for certain servers that have custom respawn logic implemented, or for the freemode peds.
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.RestoreWeapons If this is allowed and the player enabled it in the Misc Settings menu, then whenever the player dies and respawns it will restore all their weapons and attachments. Might not work correctly on certain servers that have custom respawn logic.

Removed permissions

  • vMenu.PlayerOptions.Functions This permission is no longer used. It has been replaced with some of the added permissions in the list above.

New config options

  • vmenu_freeze_time Freeze the time by default when the server starts.
    (can be set to true or false, default: setr vmenu_freeze_time false)
  • vmenu_quit_session_in_rockstar_editor When you set this to true, it will leave the current game session if a player uses the rockstar editor button in the recording options menu.
    (can be set to true or false, default: setr vmenu_quit_session_in_rockstar_editor false)

Changes (tl;dr version)

  • Bug fixes.
  • Improvements.
  • Some things have moved in the menu.
  • Some (sub)menus have been rewritten or changed in some other noticeable way.
  • New features.
  • Still snailsome 🐌

Changes (long version)

  • Prevent vMenu crashing when server owners made a mistake in their locations.json file.
  • Add an option for the server owner to configure, which (if enabled) will force players to quit the session as soon as they press the 'Rockstar Editor' button in the recording options menu.
  • Fixed a player blips issue on OneSync enabled servers.
  • Made player blips group correctly instead of creating a new entry for every single player.
  • Also fixed some other random issues with player blips. In the mean time figured out a lot more info about undocumented blip natives (PR's were made for the Natives reference.)
  • Update my NativeUI fork for some slight performance improvements. (PR by @d0p3t)
  • Create a new submenu in the Player Options menu called "Auto Pilot Options" which can be used for starting, stopping and changing (auto) driving options.
  • Add a weather command (vmenuserver weather <weatherType | dynamic <true | false>>) to be used in the server console only.
  • Add a time command (vmenuserver time <freeze <true | false> | <hour> <minute>>) to be used in the server console only.
  • Do some major cleaning up regarding travis builds. Also implement appveyor builds for development artifacts.
  • Removed all existing MP Ped customization related code. I'm re-coding everything related to mp peds so stay tuned.
  • Re-coded the player appearance options menu, fixed some bugs while I was at it.
  • Changed text on some notifications & debug logging.
  • Fixed death notifications sometimes not showing up when a vehicle or other (non-player) entity killed a player.
  • Added a 'Restore Player Appearance' and a 'Restore Weapons' option to the Misc Settings menu. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Fix multiple onListChange and onListSelect event bugs. (these were getting duplicated and causing problems).
  • 'Clear Area' in the Misc Settings menu is now synced for all players.
  • The 'commit suicide' option in the Player Options menu has some better logic to decide what type of animation it should be (gun or the pill) and if it's a gun, then it'll choose a specific gun based on an internal preference list.
    The pistol animation now actually has a real firing gun in it as well.
  • Completely rewrite the Saved Vehicles menu, yes I've been listening to your requests. Addon vehicles menu will be getting a similar face lift in the near future, stay tuned.
  • Remove all unnecessary loading of streamed assets. And unload the ones that aren't needed anymore as soon as possible.
  • Add some new config options (check the list above).
  • Did some testing with wind noise, let me know if you notice a difference in wind noise after this update.
  • Add a new "Illuminated Clothing Animation" option to the Player Appearance menu. If you have illuminated clothing, you can turn it on, off, make it fade or flash the lights. Should be synced for all players, however players that join later on might not see this. This is due to GTA V decorator limitations for the Player Ped.
  • 2 small changes in the Weather Options menu (2 buttons are now checkboxes which update properly based on changes by other players as well).
  • Internal: implement new storage data type (int).
  • Internal: Add some new User Defaults settings & saving.
  • Internal: Reset the experimental features to be enabled/disabled based on the config option in the __resource.lua file.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Change how vMenu hides hud elements as well as change when vMenu should hide certain hud elements created by vMenu.
  • No-reload option is now changed, it acts more like infinite ammo but this way it stops the rapid-fire revolvers and stops other mk2 weapons from completely going insane. Also fixes a issue when no-reload was on while in a vehicle.
  • NoClip: change (increase) max speed and add some more in-between speeds as well.
  • Like mentioned before, the 'Player Functions' in 'Player Options' is now separated into multiple buttons, each having it's own permission node.
  • Create a small JS script which will be used in a future version of vMenu. To be continued...
  • Some MP Ped re-structuring and preparations for future development related to mp peds.
  • Fix fast running & fast swimming options not being set/saved correctly.
  • Add missing DLC vehicles to the Vehicle Spawner menu.
  • Fix bullet proof tires option not working correctly. Will now als be locked if godmode is enabled and restore to the previous setting if godmode is disabled.

Pfew, that's all. I sure hope you enjoy the update.

@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Oct 6, 2018 · 325 commits to production since this release

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vMenu v1.4.0

Change log will be available soon. Please check back in a few hours.
The docs have already been updated with the new config instructions, which can be found here.

@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Oct 3, 2018 · 352 commits to master since this release

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vMenu v1.3.0 (Big update)


  • (fixed) Spawning new vehicles now correctly re-sets the forward speed.
  • Removed a lot of unused stuff.
  • Created a new ConfigurationManager. All vMenu configuration options are now handled through a new file called config.ini which can be found inside the \config\ folder. Convars are no longer being used, from this version on!
  • Added ELS compatibility config option.
  • Added a new voice chat option, that will display a small icon in the bottom left corner, indicating whether your microphone is muted or if you're talking to the server through voice chat.
  • Added a lot of new configuration options, please check the updated docs page for info on all the new config options, and how to use them in the new config file!
  • Added locations.json. This file is used for configuring pre-set locations to either teleport to or to add as a blip on the map. (permissions support included)
  • vMenu can now be used without having to set up permissions! Simply disable the permissions usage in the config section. Doing this will allow all options, except for actions like kick, ban, unban, kill, etc.

New permissions:

  • vMenu.Staff
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.LocationBlips
  • vMenu.MiscSettings.TeleportLocations
Oct 3, 2018
force travis rebuild bullshit
Oct 2, 2018
hopefully fix release publishing issues

@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Sep 25, 2018 · 372 commits to production since this release

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v1.2.2 Changes

  • fixed compatibility issue with other resources trying to disable the minimap.
  • (maybe) fix some issues with tempbanning (it now uses the exact same functions that perm banning uses, only the date is different)
  • update server console logging to include colors for warning/info/error messages. Also update console logging to be more universal and over all just improved messages.
  • fix the 'replace previous vehicle' checkbox not showing the correct on/off state (it was showing the 'default' value for the 'spawn inside car' toggle.)
  • add multiple client side notifications above the minimap for multiple actions. Things like banning should now always notify the original (staff) user if the ban was successful or failed, and if it failed it should provide a description of why it failed.
  • fixed/changed control keys for menu navigation (it's still up/down arrow keys and scrolling, but no longer some other random keys that were overlapping).
  • catch errors when parsing addons.json, if you mess up your addons.json file, you'll now get a decent error message in the server console exactly showing you where the problem is. (looks like this:)
  • added a new config option to the __resource.lua file to allow you to keep all (previously) spawned vehicles persistent if you turn off the "replace previous vehicle" option in your vehicle spawner menu. (disabled by default).

@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Sep 16, 2018 · 390 commits to master since this release

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Please update asap


  • fixes multiple banning related critical bugs.
  • Auto-banning of cheaters is now disabled by default, can be enabled using this convar: set vMenuBanCheaters "true".
  • The vMenuLogBanActions and vMenuLogKickActions options are now enabled by default.