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@raar1 raar1 released this Sep 13, 2019 · 71 commits to master since this release

EasyVVUQ v0.4

New Features

  • Parameter type and physical range checking (verification) implemented using Cerberus.
  • Implemented a Multisampler element, allowing arbitary number of samplers to be chained together, but behave as a single sampler.
  • Added a SweepSampler element, for parameter sweeps.
  • Added sparse grid functionality to the Stochastic Collocation sampler.
  • Added a "Worker" class (a stripped down version of the campaign) and associated tools (such as an external encoder script) to allow non-linear workflows, such as when integrating with pilot job managers.


  • Improved consistency and breadth of automated testing. Campaign restarts now properly tested too.
  • Added several more tutorials to the documentation.
  • Fixed bug in the CSV reader with respect to column label.
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