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Debugging Zigbee

Joris edited this page May 18, 2019 · 5 revisions

This page describes how to enable some debug features to get more detailed information about the frames being sent and received.

You'll need to edit one of the files from the zigbee adapter. The first step is to locate the files. Prior to 0.4 the addons will be found in the build/addons directory located inside the gateway source tree. On the Raspberry Pi, this would be /home/pi/mozilla-iot/gateway/build/addons. From 0.4 onwards the addons will be found inside ~/.mozilla-iot/addons (note the dot at the beginning of .mozilla-iot). On the Raspberry Pi this would be /home/pi/.mozilla-iot/addons

Once you've located the addons directory, you should see a zigbee-adapter directory containing the files for the zigbee adapter. Since we're going to be editing the files, we need to disable the integrity checking. The simplist way is to create a .git subdirectory inside the zigbee-adapter directory. A second way is to remove the SHA256SUMS entry from the files key inside the package.json file.

Now that you've disabled the integrity check, you can edit the source files. To enable debugging, edit the zb-debug.js file and seach for the first occurrence of debugFrames. You should see something like this:

    // debugFrames causes a 1-line summary to be printed for each frame
    // which is sent or received.
    DEBUG_frames: false;

    // debugFrameDetail causes detailed information about each frame to be
    // printed.
    DEBUG_frameDetail: false;

Setting debugFrames to true will cause a 1-line summary to be printed. Setting debugFrameDetail to true will cause the full frame to be printed.

Now go into Settings->Add-ons, disable and re-enable the zigbee adapter and you should start to see information about each frame being sent and received. On the Raspberry Pi, you can find the log files in /home/pi/.mozilla-iot/log/run-app.log for 0.4 and newer and in /home/pi/mozilla-iot/gateway/run-app.log for 0.3.1 and earlier.